Tackling the biggest debt of all

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A quick disclaimer:

I am not a qualified financial advisor. I am a qualified estate and letting agent and there are some hints and tips here which I have picked up on the job, however when deciding what to do with your money, ultimately financial advice from a regulated advisor is recommended. I hope this gives you some ideas!

Do you dream of being able to relax a little? Slow down and not have such a large debt hanging over you? …

Success is in the eye of the beholder

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Sometimes, the higher you climb, the bigger you go, the greater the risk of absolute catastrophe.

There were once a family of 4. The father had some significant financial success as a record producer. With the money the bought a lovely coastal home in the UK with beautiful panoramic views. The home was adequate for them to live in, happily for the rest of their lives. It was relatively modest internally but with views and a lifestyle to die for.

The problem is that you get Caught in a trap and take things for granted. Guess what? They wanted more.


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Drift away in silence, forget, it’s all in the past, focus now on the when, the how, the love and truth.

I am mis-shaped and I can’t finish this. I don’t want to be afraid, I’m not needed, or diseased, or dreaming I’m by that tree, in my nice dream.

A front, it keeps my brain from me. I couldn’t stop all my thinking. I couldn’t stop all my thinking.

Where is my dream? It’s unconscious, while I sleep. All my mind, it’s wrong all the time.

Put sense in me, before I scream, like I’m not feeling. Why do I keep us apart? I must not handle all this well.

Fall back into your own ties. You’ve got a lot to say about yourself.

You’ve got a lot to say about yourself. I’m tired of pretending to listen

I’m tired of trying to listen

Unusually dark poetry (not for the faint hearted)

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Struggle for the words
Clouded mind
Blackened world
It’s too defined

It’s greyer now
The plants are wilting
The skies are closing
It’s time to drown

The heavens open
The rain is pouring
The water gushes
In through an opening

I can’t keep up
It overtakes me
It fills my tunnel
Where I was praying

Kneeling in the dirt
I was wallowing
Hoping life wouldn’t catch up
It’s done it now

It’s forced me up
I have to face it
I can’t escape it
I’m not prepared

I need to erase this
I cannot gather
My thoughts in order

I’ve just done it, so can you

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April 2021 is the 12 month marker for me on Medium. Prior to the turn of the year in 2020, a project like this seemed out of the question. My time was too consumed by trying to strike the work/life balance, that I hoped would also put me on the path to paying down the mortgage and slowing down, however this meant working harder for less of a quality gain.

On reflection, with knowing what I know now, this was a selfish and short-sighted position to take, not really taking into account what worked for my wife and children and…

Part one of a short story

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The clouds. A beautiful shade of pink as the sunset clashed with the night sky. There were few enough clouds for a clear night but enough coverage to retain the heat in the atmosphere and to prevent the vicious gusts of wind hidden behind them.

We sat in a circle huddled, sharing some beautiful music, little to say but enough so as not to create a silence. We were blowing clouds of smoke above us as we exhaled, passing around the item that was retaining the mood of the night. Probably the item refraining us from seeking refuge indoors.


James Gwynne

Proud Husband and Father. I manage an Estate Agency business in the Midlands. Avid writer and information absorber. I occasionally play guitar too!

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